SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – RE/MAX Preferred is going through some big changes, and that includes a revamp to the Riviera Theatre.

Friday was the unveiling of the company’s rebranding to ‘RE/MAX Experience‘ at the old theater. Modern office spaces, a lounge area, and a newly refurbished Riviera Theatre make up the new additions. It’s all part of phase one of the city center project.

The RE/MAX experience owner spoke about why it was important to repurpose the historic theater space.

“There’s just so many unique pieces of the Riviera, so we stay true to that history. We want to embrace the history of this building while kind of launching it forward in the future. And so when you come into the Riviera Theatre, we’ve gone super retro with it. It’s very vintage,” RE/MAX Experience and City Centre Owner Jeff Carlson said.

Carlson said he hopes to use the Riviera Theatre as a large meeting space in the near future, all with the goal to reshape Sioux City’s real estate experience.