Historic Hornick flooding keeps over 200 displaced

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Historic flooding continues throughout Hornick, Iowa. Main street collecting over three feet of water Friday afternoon. Keeping over 200 residents from their homes.

Scott Mitchell, Hornick Mayor says, “No one is allowed back into Hornick at this time. The water levels aren’t going down very fast. We have to get rid of a lot water before it’s safe for people to get back in.”

In the meantime, Hornick residents gather for a townhall meeting hoping for answers.

In a packed Sloan fire hall, folks seeing their communituy as they never thought possible, homes under water for the first time.

Katie Newman, Hornick Resident says, “It’s heartbreaking because, you know we’re a very small community and we’re very close nit and many of us have worked all our lives for what we have and it’s difficult.”

Offical’s discussed clean-up efforts, but many questions are unanswered. People that left pets behind are still unable to retrieve them, power remains off and public water systems need to be checked. 

One thing folks do know, is that Hornick has a future.

John Young, Son lives in Hornick says, “The community coming together shows what life in Iowa is like, you know, people come out and help each other and that’s awesome.”

Newman says, “We’re a very small community and it’s a lovely place to live and people take care of each other and that’s really the blessing of living in Iowa, is that people take care of each other.”

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