SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – They say nothing brings people together like good food, and one Sioux City business owner has made a name for herself with tasty sweets and treats all made by her and her family.

“I start to work when I was 21. I start in Evelyn’s Bakery in South Sioux and it was my first job and I worked there for five years,” Owner of House of Cakes Sonia San Pedro said.

Sonia got her start in the food business industry through jobs with Evelyn’s Bakery and Jim’s Burgers until she started trying to make baked goods on her own.

“I like bread, I like cakes so I started to make bread in my house. And I said ‘oh my god, my bread is good. So maybe I need to start a business,'” San Pedro said.

Sonia would open her business, House of Cakes, in 2016.

“I make everything. Bread, cookies, everything by myself. Then later my sister came and helped me, my mom. Later my husband, my son, my other son, so it’s a family business.”

Whether it’s for birthday cakes or concha’s, Sonia gets up bright and early to start work.

“If somebody calls me in the morning saying oh I need a cake, ‘okay I can do it’. And I do it every day. I start 4:30 in the morning. (I make) more than ten cakes a day,” San Pedro said.

It’s a labor of love that helps connect Sonia and her family to the local Hispanic community.

“A lot of people have been coming, you know its like the same customers and they keep coming every day and every morning, and its like I’m sure they tell more people about it so then more people started coming,” Sonia’s san Jhoan San Pedro said.

“I like this business because bread is important for the Mexican people. I like to speak with people. I like to help the people too,” San Pedro said.