ADAIR, Iowa (WOI) – High speed broadband is now closer to becoming a reality for Iowans. Gov. Kim Reynolds recently announced an investment that will bring the infrastructure into place. They are just finalizing the details with the providers.

“We need the speed to keep up with the rest of the country. It’s that demand right now for rural Iowa,” said Martin Fisher, an attorney for Fisher, Fisher & Groetken in Adair.

Fisher’s law firm in Adair is eager for Cov. Reynolds’ major broadband investment to begin.

“For those businesses to be viable, for those communities to be viable, from a lot of different standpoints – education for our kids or the use of it for consumers or businesses, it’s a critical service for everybody,” Fisher said.

Federal lawmakers agree that the $1.3 million investment will pay off.

“Making sure that we are staying connected is top line,” said Sen. Joni Ernst. “To see the state come forward with this kind of grant to broadband access to rural access is very important.”

For people like Fisher, faster speed and better connection means improved video conferencing, which they’ve been using for the last five years.

One company that’s already seen the benefits of broadband is Agri Drain right in Adair, Iowa. They say it’s allowed them to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive business world.

“It just makes a huge difference for your company,” says Lisa Newby with Agri Drain. “You’re going to be able to upload your files faster, not going to have to worry about downtime.”

The changes have allowed them to better monitor the drainage systems that are placed all over the country. It has also streamlined their workflow.

“There were some outages, and then also when we would upload our files, we have large catalog files that we upload and sometimes those would take longer than needed, and now when we upload we don’t have to wait overnight, they just go,” said Newby.

As for Fisher, he can’t wait to see how this will impact his business for the better.

“Sooner the better is always great around here,” said Fisher.