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KINGSLEY, Iowa (KCAU) – Kiana Hackett welcomed each senior back to Kingsley-Pierson High School with individualized cards and a special gift from the heart.

“Each one has like a different inspirational quote to keep them motivated and positive,” said Hackett.

Each card came with a “worry stone” and a special message as part of the program she created with the help of school staff, her mother and the school principal.

“I created a project where every student gets a worry stone so that they can be reminded that they’re not alone and that they’re important,” said Hackett.

The back to school program discussed topics like bullying, more school spirit, and building a stronger sense of community in hopes of curing depression for teens.

“I know that mental health is a big issue in teens and so I wanted to give them a way for them to know that someones always there,” said Hackett.

It was a message that some high school seniors like Emily Kraft said they can relate to on a personal level.

“I talk to a lot of people and I know what a lot of people go through and so I thought. It was a great project especially since a lot of us are making big life decisions coming up. I thought it was really cool what Kiana did,” said Kraft.

This was the first time Kiana created a program but the Kinglsey-Pierson High School superintendent said she plans to expand the message to middle school students.

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