SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A Siouxlander is showing people no one is too old to learn something new.

Maria Williams began learning Taekwondo six years ago at Marshall’s Taekwondo Academy. Now at the age of 70, she has earned her first-degree black belt. In addition to participating in weekly classes, she also performed physical tests to earn the black belt. She credits her instructors for keeping her motivated and said people can always learn something new regardless of their age.

“You decide how old you are. It’s all a mental thing. There’s certain limitations that are going to come up physically that are going to change things, but if you’re just a regular person, you can do anything at any age,” said Williams.

Williams continued working for the black belt despite dealing with a foot injury that left her in a walking boot. For that effort, her instructors gave her a trophy for her commitment to martial arts.