OKOBOJI, Iowa (KELO) — Some good Samaritans were in the right place at the right time this past weekend on Lake Okoboji.

17-year-old Joseph Salmon was on Lake Okoboji Saturday to ice fish and watch snowmobile races when he spotted trouble near the Highway 71 bridge. A Jeep broke through the ice and fell into the lake. Salmon called 911.

“Told them that a Jeep just went through, hung up with them, ran over here,” Salmon said.

Four other men also came to the rescue.

“We all just kind of had the same thought from different parts of the lake,” Corey McConnell said.

The five worked together to help bring the the 83-year-old driver and his dog to safety.

“I didn’t think of anything else besides getting him out and make sure he’s safe,” Salmon said.

Salmon broke through the back window with a knife and set the dog free. The group helped the driver get out of the vehicle shortly after that. The five guys and the dog warmed up at Okoboji store. The rescued man was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

If you ask the group, they won’t tell you they’re heroes.

“I hope anybody would help a stranger that is in need. You never know if they’re capable of getting out on their own,” Cody Chester said.

“It was a mistake. He doesn’t deserve that. It happens, so just to make sure he’s safe,” Salmon said.

Local agencies also responded to the scene. The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office reminds people that not all ice is safe ice. They said never drive under bridges or near pressure ridges and stay away from land points.