Hawarden cleans up quickly after Independence Waste shuts its doors

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HAWARDEN, Iowa (KCAU) – The Elk Point garbage company that suddenly shut its doors, leaving thousands of people without trash service also served Hawarden. One Siouxland town has been able to solve the problem left behind by Independence Waste.

“We noticed all of a sudden that our garbage wasn’t getting picked up, and then all of a sudden we see a different company come in from Orange City, and they started picking up our garbage,” said Kathy Robertson, a resident of Hawarden.

Days after Independence Waste stopped picking up trash, Hawarden’s city administrator contacted the company.

“She was just in a financial mess and couldn’t get out,” said Mike Debruin, the city administrator. 

Debruin said the owner was unable to keep up with landfill fees and to insure her garbage trucks, so the trucks couldn’t be driven.  

“We knew we had to do something. Obviously, the garbage piling up wasn’t going to work for anybody in town. We reached out to Orange City Sanitation as well as the owner reached out to Orange City Sanitation,” said Debruin. 

Days later Orange City Sanitation started picking-up Hawarden’s trash, without missing a beat.

“I don’t know what we would have done. We would have probably had to haul it over to Hospers or something like that on our own because in a flooring store we get a lot of products and I have a big dumpster there,” said Ted Gude, the owner of Carpet Central. 

The city is working on a contract with Orange City Sanitation. They say rates will likely be $3 to $4 higher per month.  

“We have been fortunate for a number of years on our rates being pretty low,” said Debruin.

Independence Waste is in the process of working with the city of Hawarden to dissolve their contract. 

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