Gun enthusiasts react to NRA lawsuit

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A bold move from New York’s Attorney General Thursday has shaken the gun community.

New York Attorney General Letitia Adams announced she is suing to dissolve the National Rifle Association.

The lawsuit could force NRA leaders to pay back almost 63 million dollars lost over the past three years–Adams claims the money was improperly spent on personal items, and close family and friends of NRA executives.

Chase Cejka, owner of American Brothers in Arms, isn’t buying it.

“They are going after a group that really supports the Second Amendment, and it’s probably politically driven,” Cejka said.

Tim Grover, owner of Rev-Tac Firearm Instruction, agrees.

“Whether anything comes from this or not, at least people are like ‘Oh, I don’t know about the NRA’ before the election is, I think, the ultimate goal,” Grover said.

Kris Hector, a part-time gun instructor with Rev-Tac says he doesn’t believe the lawsuit was politically motivated, but says NRA executives should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

“They’re a good lobbying organization, and if they did something wrong with the money they’re given, they should be held accountable for that,” Hector said.

Cejka says while he doesn’t condone impromper spending from any organization, he feels a lawsuit was the wrong way to approach the situation.

“I think it’s the first time that I can remember the NRA being sued. I think it’s just another avenue they’re trying to push a gun control agenda,” Cejka said.

Cejka also says he believes the decision will ultimately further divide folks in an already heated political climate.

“Personally, I’m an NRA supporter. I’m a lifetime member, and this will probably cause me to up my membership to the next level,” Cejka said.

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