Gun ban proposal passes at supervisors meeting

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The verdict is in: after an extensive decision process by the Board of Supervisors, a gun ban in the courthouse is being asked for once again. This comes on the heels of an initial request to allow guns on certain floors. Now, after a 3-2 vote, that request is being reascended.

“As far as the sheriff’s office goes, public safety is our number one issue — making this place as safe as we can, and we just got a step closer to that tonight,” Major Todd Wieck said.

Board member Matthew Ung was one of the two who opposed the final gun ban proposal.

“The issue is, is this about the second amendment, or is this about judicial overreach? For the first time ever, the judicial system  claimed areas they had never before claimed, publicly owned areas. This was unprecedented. The board took the proper action in the past to resist that, and now we’re saying we’ve had a little too much pressure,” Ung said.

Ung also advised that board member Rocky De Witt abstain from voting with his tie to the Sheriff’s department. With legal counsel’s recommendation to vote this time, De Witt’s vote was the tie breaker — and he believes he was coming to the table with an insightful view.

“It is kind of a unique perspective because I know there are a lot of things that go on that never hit the news media as far as things that happen inside the court rooms, outside the clerk’s office, outside of the courthouse, there is a lot that is not well known,” De Witt said.

From here, Judge Duane Hoffmeyer will give new orders according to this new gun ban proposal.

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