NORFOLK, Neb. (KCAU) – The city of Norfolk is growing and, as a result, the city has had to redraw its districts. Last week, Norfolk’s City Council approved newly adjusted ward maps. The estimated population is now more than 26,000.

Rick Meysenburg runs Bobcat of Norfolk. He says the town’s growing population and size of Norfolk is encouraging.

“Growth opportunities for business people in Norfolk are really very good. We’re pleased to be part of a community that is enjoying growth,” President of Bobcat of Norfolk Rick Meysenburg said.

It’s something Meysenburg said could mean more traffic for his business.

“Growth of the city can certainly include growth of private companies, and that’s important to me and my fellow co owners of businesses in this town. And it’s certainly better than the alternative of not having growth. Even if some expense comes with that,” Meysenburg said.

Every 10 years during the census, city officials have the responsibility of rebalancing the population across four wards. This year, with Norfolk going through annexation, the city had unprecedented growth.

“The numbers here, almost 2,000 person gain in one year both from annexation and from new people moving into the community. That represents a higher level of population growth in the last year in Norfolk than in the last 20 years combined in the city,” Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning said.

Although some newly annexed residents aren’t happy about new taxes, Mayor Moenning says the population increase has its benefits.

“Our sales tax receipts, which is our best economic indicator of sorts, have been at all time highs the last couple of years. More people, new people in the community means new demand for services for businesses, and that helps everyone,” Mayor Moenning said.

The updated maps need to be submitted to the Madison County Clerk by December 30 for final approval.