Grain bin rescue demonstration show modern bin rescue equipment

Local News

It may be hard to believe with all the snow, but this week is Grain Bin Safety Week.

Getting trapped in bin full of corn could be fatal, but one volunteer hopped inside a grain bin in the name of education. The demonstration illustrates the effectiveness of modern bin rescue equipment.

Governor Reynolds was there to watch the rescue.

Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig talked about why this topic is so important.

“Farm safety is a critical conversation that we need to have within the industry,” Naig said. “One wrong move can be very devastating and so any time these accidents are preventable and so it’s important that we continue to work both on the awareness side but also on the response side as well. “

Having the proper equipment is the key to a safe rescue. Nationwide put on the demo, and they say those are things all farmers should keep on hand.

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