Governor’s races remain tight in Iowa and South Dakota

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Iowa Governor's Race Remains Close

It’s about as close as it can get.  Not one, but two governor’s races in Siouxland appear to be neck and neck.  All with just 13 days to election day.

According to polling numbers released Wednesday, the governor’s race in South Dakota is a dead heat.  
In a poll sanctioned by our sister station K-E-L-O in Sioux Falls., voters were asked if the election were held today, who would they vote for.

45 percent said they’d vote for Republican Kristi Noem while 45 percent would vote for Democrat Billie Sutton. Libertarian candidate Kurt Evans received 1 percent while 9 percent are still undecided.  

“We really feel the momentum building across the state. We have a bus trip coming up.  We’ll be in everybody’s towns visiting with them answering questions going up to election day.  We’re really thrilled with what we’re doing and see this campaign going exactly where we wanted it to go, ” said Kristi Noem.

“I think it just shows the incredible momentum that we have built throughout the campaign. As we’ve listened to South Dakotans and they got to meet me and me know them, we’ve just seen this shift,” said Billie Sutton.

South Dakota last elected a democrat some 40 years ago.

In Iowa a race to the ballot booth is shaping up as well.

In September, when the last polling information was released by the Des Moines Register and Emerson College, Democratic challenger Fred Hubbell was holding anywhere from a 2 to 5 point lead.  It’s significant since Governor Reynolds was shown with a 5 point advantage back in January.

FiveThirtyEight is a website dedicated to opinion poll analysis and it lists Hubbell with an 85% chance of winning.  Founder Nate Silver says that’s no guarantee.

“I think unless you’re talking about numbers in the high 90’s people should treat this as uncertain. If people have a stake in the outcome. People need to participate in the campaigns. It is a projection based on polls on the data. It doesn’t work if people say oh I don’t have to go out and vote” says Nate Silver, founder of FiveThirtyEight.

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