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Good Day Siouxland Pets of the Day - September 7th

Meet...Chuck, Kevin, and Bentley!

Sioux City - And now it's time to reveal our good day Siouxland Pets of the Day, submitted to us by viewers at home!


First up we've got a submission from Alyssa. Meet Chuck! He's a two-month-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Alyssa says chuck enjoys chewing on socks and tripping his mom and dad, but they still love him to pieces.

Our next pet of the day is Kevin the Bottle Calf submitted to us by Good Day Siouxland viewer Molli. A congratulations is in order for Kevin who has the honor of being the first calf featured on our show.


And finally we have Bentley. He looks just like a puppy, but his owner Deedee says Bentley is actually turning eleven years old. Happy early birthday, Bentley! Don't forget to send us an invite to the party!

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