Golf ball to tennis ball size hail shattered windows in homes and cars in Hinton on Saturday

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Hail the size of golf balls to tennis balls fell in parts of Plymouth County on Saturday night. Buildings and vehicles suffered damage in Hinton.

Windows located on the north-side of many homes, as well as at Hinton High School, were broken in the hail storm.

In addition to shattered windows, there was plenty of other dents and damage from the storm to things like home siding, air conditioners, and metal awnings.

Folks in Hinton say they were pelted by the huge hail for more than 10 minutes.

“I watched the kitchen window blow out…it sounded like a team of professional baseball pitchers throwing baseballs at the side of the house, you know a good team” says Roger Wenzel, Hinton resident.

“It took out two windows and damaged a lot of siding, as far as roof damage, I don’t know exactly what it is right now, we’ll have to have the adjuster come in and take a look but it was short lived but did a lot of damage” says Leonard Stauffer, Hinton resident.

Hinton police say one of their cruisers caught in the storm may be totaled as a result of the hail damage to the vehicle’s body.

With these strong storms also came a tornado touchdown in Nebraska in a community south of Omaha.

The report came in north of Dunbar, the video posted above is it spinning in Syracuse, Nebraska in Otoe County. Good news, there was no damage with this tornado!  It ran into two open fields. 

The Siouxland area ended the evening Saturday with 36 hail reports ranging from 1-3″ in size, from golf balls to baseballs. 


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