Glendale Community Baptist Church celebrates 101st year anniversary

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Glendale Community Baptist Church wasn’t able to bring the community together last year to celebrate its 100th anniversary due to the pandemic. So this year, they’re celebrating two milestones.

Charles Hughes, 89, attended the Glendale Community Baptist Church his entire life.

“We attended since I was born up till the late 50s, we moved to the farm, and then there was a period in there that we went to a different church. And then we came back to church here later on. We missed home,” Hughes said.

Hughes was saddened to hear about last year’s 100th anniversary was canceled due to the pandemic.

“Little disappointment because they planned so hard for it, and since then, you know we’ve, as time, every year counts now to the seniors because it gets a little thinner every year,” said Hughes.

“We decided as the leaders that it just wasn’t safe. It’s tough though because we’d been looking forward to this, been planning this because I’ve been here, this would be my 11th year. Basically, we’ve been planning this for the last five years,” Pastor Jim Wilson of Glendale Community Baptist said.

With pandemic restrictions easing though, both the 100th and 101st anniversaries were celebrated.

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“It means so much to see faces that have come back, to see the church full, that is, my heart it just explodes. I find myself weeping at hymns because I see the people out there and it was such a beautiful sound this morning with a full church,” said Pastor Wilson.

Pastor Wilson also said the church holds a significant place in the lives of many Siouxlanders.

“You’re looking at a building that was put together here in pieces, and that’s very indicative of this congregation too. We’re from all over. You come here, it’s family,” said Pastor Wilson.

“Church has been our home and my, we were married in it, in this in 1951 so we’ve got 70 years behind this,” said Hughes.

The other two fellowships that share the Baptist church are the Siouxland Messianic fellowship and Iglesia Rio De Agua Viva.

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