Get Going with Jessica Rae: How much screen time is too much screen time?

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With technology all around us we are bound to use it on a daily basis. Consider the use of the smartphone. The screen is constantly present whether at work, home or simply when  we are spending time with our friends.

For kids however, there is a clear line on how much screen time is good for them. Dr. Steven Joyce from Mercy Medical Center also says it’s not just about the IPad or computer, it’s about the effects on children in general.

“As we know there is a huge problem with obesity in the pediatric population as well as the adult population,” Joyce said. “A lot of that has to do with inactivity and screen time.”

So, how much time should children spend with their favorite device?  A general rule is no more than two hours per day. That includes television, computer and phones.  It’s also about kids not engaging enough because of the availability of technology.

“A lot of the time now kids are just sitting there on their phones or their computers or their IPads and just taking up time doing that rather than actually conversing in real life with their friends and family,” Joyce said.

Dr. Joyce also said that generally a good rule for all children is to limit the screen time as much as possible regardless of age. He also has a good alternative.

“Get out of the front of the TV and go do something, be active, get involved with your friends, school activities and athletics.”

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