SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Frustrations are mounting over conditions at Memorial Park Cemetery, where people say the roads are in bad shape.

For people visiting their loved ones at Memorial Park Cemetery, they’d like something done about the cemetery roads for their families and people with loved ones buried there.

“Many people in Sioux City have multiple people buried here. My wife and daughter are buried here. My fiancé’s parents and grandparents are buried here,” said Roy Semon, a frequent visitor of the cemetery.

Semon said conditions at the cemetery have deteriorated over the years.

“The roads are almost impassable. They don’t do the maintenance properly. Half the graves are unkept. There’s a lot of erosion going on around the stones. The stones are starting to lean and things,” said Semon.

“There’s so many places where you’ve got to slow down to 2 or 3 miles an hour to creep over the bumps and the heaved spots. So it just takes all the pleasure out of coming out and being able to spend some time here,” said Tom Humbert, who is also a frequent visitor of Memorial Park.

Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott also visits the cemetery but said there’s little the city can do about it.

“We don’t have control over it, number one. Number two, it’s outside the city limits, but we still have people complaining to us about it,” said Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott.

Memorial Park Cemetery is owned by Stonemor, a company based out of Philadelphia.

In a written statement, Michelle Chasteen, the cemetery’s General Manager released a statement to KCAU 9 regarding the state of the cemetery.

“We are aware of the issues at Memorial Park and are working as quickly as possible to fix the concerns brought to our attention by our families. We have been working with individual customers to help execute change. We are also aware that the roads need maintenance. We will be working to improve this area of the cemetery. We acknowledge that this is an issue for our families and appreciate the patience while we manage this large project. We apologize for any stress this has caused the family and the community.”

Michelle Chasteen, General Manager of the Memorial Park Cemetery.