It hasn’t been open long, but already the new night club that took over the old Riviera Theater is getting complaints for noise.

Two people who live in nearby condos came to Monday’s City Council meeting to share their frustration. They say music at the club is too loud for too long.

Club Riviera doesn’t yet have a liquor license, so they don’t have to close at 2am. Homeowners say it’s not only noise coming from the club, but patrons on the street outside.

Jim France days, “The noise thing is not just an in the building issue; it’s outside. There were individuals urinated in the streets, there were loud screeching tires, motorcycles leaving, and that’s happened nearly every weekend since they’ve been open.”

Darin Daby says, “We have had a couple of instances where we’ve had to call the police to get any sleep at all, because the place runs until four in the morning.”

But, David DeLeon, who manages the club, says residents on 4th Street have been against their business since before it opened. He says he’s been working with police to make sure noise stays at a reasonable level.

David Deleon, Club Riviera Manager says, “Before we even opened up the club, we were getting people who lived in that building [saying] they didn’t want us there. I have documents on our Facebook telling everybody to report sound complaints before we even opened.” 

But, Mayor Scott wasn’t having it. He told DeLeon he wouldn’t vote to give him a liquor license, because he worries they’ll continue to stay open after 2am.