SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — As the school year comes to a close in Siouxland, every high school senior’s path to graduation is a little different.

For Levi Henn, being in Siouxland means being home. Henn and his brothers came to Sioux City from Ethiopia when he was just four years old. He says adjusting was difficult.

“It was a big change and I was homeschooled for most of my life until high school, but then recently I came here and it’s been a great experience,” Henn said.

As a senior at West High School, Henn participated in basketball as well as track. His basketball coach CoCo Cofield says Henn and his brothers are team players.

“They’re always helping out with things that need to be done, always on time, always doing the right things and that’s what you want from a coach, from a player’s standpoint and also from a student,” Cofield said.

Henn and his brothers also help in the community. Five years ago, they started a lawn cutting business. Levi’s brother Jesse says they enjoy working together. When Levi goes to Iowa State University on a full-ride scholarship this fall, Jesse says his absence will be another adjustment.

“I’m prepared, but I think it will be interesting not having an extra set of hands during the beginning of the school year or spring time,” he said.

Levi plans to study mechanical engineering at Iowa State. He graduates from west high school later this month.

“That’s still trying to wrap that around my head,” he said. “It’s weird, but exciting.”

He plans to come back to Sioux City during the summer to help his brothers with the lawn business.