Friends honor the passing of mayor of Salix

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SALIX, Iowa (KCAU) – A Siouxland community is mourning the loss of a longtime public servant. Stanley Johnson was mayor of Salix. Johnson died Sunday, after a long battle with cancer.

He served the city of Salix for more than two decades, and those who knew him said he will be missed. 

“If I could use one term to describe Stanley, it would be public servant. Everything Stanley did was for the good of the community. He is friends with everybody always thinking about other people’s needs before himself,” said Justin Iverson, a friend of Johnson.

Not only was Stanley Johnson the mayor of Salix, but he also served on the city council for more than 21 years and as a volunteer firefighter for 40 years. 

“He was one of those people in the community that if you ever needed anything, anybody in town, you can contact Stanley. For the most part, his door was always open, and he always had his phone on you could call and ask him for anything and he would be willing to come,” said Chad Shook a friend of Stanley.

During his time as a public servant, Johnson guided a massive paving project in Salix and helped the fire department acquire a larger building.

“I remember back when we had gravel roads. At this time of the year in the spring were awful and Stanley and a couple of other people had the foresight to make sure that we paved the roads and now it’s a nice little town,” said Shook.

Most importantly, he was a good friend to many.

“He is going to be a huge huge loss to our community. It’s going to be a pretty big gap to try to fill with him gone,” said Iverson.

“We are going to miss him a lot, but boy, I sure am thankful that we had him in that little town because he sure made us a better place,” said Shook.

Mayor Johnson’s funeral service will be this Thursday in Salix. His friends say the whole town is expected to be there. 

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