SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Hospital workers are stressing safety over the coming days. The use of fireworks can be good family fun, but doctors remind that they are explosives and are able to send you to the ER.

Physicians told KCAU 9 that eye and hand injuries are the most common over the Fourth of July weekend.

MercyOne’s trauma manager said that if a person is burned by a firework, it’s best to get it checked out.

“If you have any type of burn, you have a risk of infection,” said Lea Mathison. “So, if you do have an injury for any type of firework, you should come into the emergency room to be seen. The more severe the injury, the quicker you need to come in so we can fix whatever needs to be repaired or get you transferred to the right services.”

Mathison told us that fireworks should be treated with caution and to use common sense while using them.

Fireworks aren’t the only thing that should come with safety over the weekend. Swimming is a staple of summer activities, but how to be safe isn’t always clear.

When out swimming or on a boat, it’s unpredictable what will happen to you once you hit the water but life jackets can help ensure that you’ll be fine.

When looking to buy one, make sure it’s a U.S. Coast Guard approved device and make sure it fits nice and snug on you.

Mathison said that no matter what, people should be using a life jacket in or around the water.

“We emphasize, especially if you’re out on a boat fishing, paddling, doing anything, that you are wearing a life jacket even if you are a good swimming in this open area of the water,” said Mathison. “If the boat was to tip over, you still have the likelihood to drown if you are to be pulled under.”

To help ensure that kids are strapped in well, pull up on the back to see if they still have room to move around.

Pull to ensure your child is secured tightly.