LAUREL, Neb. (KCAU) — In the small town of Laurel, everyone knows everyone, and some citizens spoke about memories of those that were recently taken from them.

Tragedy struck Elm Street on Thursday when four people were killed and their homes were set on fire. While the suspect, 42-year-old Jason Jones, was arrested a day later, the community is still coming to terms with what happened.

Friday morning, Nebraska State Patrol Col. John Bolduc said the one found dead at the first residence of 209 Elm Street was identified as Michele Ebeling, 53. At the residence where three were found dead at 503 Elm Street. Bolduc identified them as Gene Twiford, 86, Janet Twiford, 85, and Dana Twiford, 55.

Dwayne Freeman knew the Twiford family.

“I heard that there was a fire at this house and presumed that he got out. It wasn’t until several hours later when the news came out that he and his wife and daughter were killed,” said Freeman.

Diana Badley and her family also knew the victims.

“No one knew what was going on. We were just all scared,” said Badly. “And when the details were confirmed, it’s just beyond tragic, you know, and you feel helpless.”

Badley’s family set up a lemonade stand to raise money for Laurel’s volunteer fighters as a way to say thank you for their efforts during the tragedy.

“The kids, just with all of the news, and, the people fighting the fire and answering the call are, you know, are kids’ classmate’s parents and their moms and their dads. Our kids wanted to do something” said Badley.

Badley recalled some of her memories of the Twiford family.

“If you’ve ever done business with Gene Twiford, he’s probably tried to play a trick on you where he’d pay with a washer instead of a coin. Sometimes it’s like, seriously buddy, but you know. It’s going to be something we’re going to miss,” Badley said.

The tragedy also had an impact on the Laurel American Legion Post. A Legion member knew Gene Twiford and his family for decades.

“They were a patriotic family, the whole family is. Because she was involved with Auxilary and he was our State Commander here in 2000,” said Dwayne Freeman. “He was instrumental in getting Highway 20 designated as a medal of honor highway.”

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been launched to help cover funeral expenses for the family of Michele Ebeling.

According to the organizer of the fundraiser, Michele loved people and was always willing to talk to literally everybody. She regularly called and checked in on her family, having just made a call about seven hours before the incident.

“She made one of her ‘check-in’ calls to her family just 7 hours before this incident happened,” Richele Ebeling wrote on the fundraiser’s page. “That was just who she was a person. She wanted to check in with everyone simply because she was sitting at home alone and was thinking about her family.”

Additionally, the Laurel Ministerial Association will be hosting a Community Prayer Service for the community on Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Laurel Vet’s Club.

Their legacies will live on in Laurel and now that a suspect has been arrested, the community said that it’s on the path toward healing.

Officials are still investigating the situation, but have identified it as a homicide. Law enforcement has arrested one person in connection.