She helped take care of and feed hundreds of kids around Tanzania over the 15 years. And Thursday night, Siouxlanders got the chance to hear from “Mama Lynn”, the founder of Light in Africa.

Lynn “Mama Lynn” Gissing is speaking with people from Hope Ministries in Orange City Thursday. She says her main mission here is to help spread awareness of the health and hunger issues she and her organization are dealing
with in Tanzania.

Mama Lynn says children, like the one pictured from last August, frequently come in sick, starving and in need. She says she felt the call to serve and left her life and family in the UK 15 years ago to do that. She says
the reward is the help and appreciation she’s able to give, and she’s never looked back.

She started with just one children’s shelter near Mount Kilimanjaro. But over the years, her NGO has been able to expand and help more than ever before.

“From those early beginnings, we have nine children’s homes and 260 children that we care everyday. We have children with disabilities because children who are disabled there are stigmatized,” said
 Lynn “Mama Lynn” Gissing, Founder of Light in Africa.

Gissing is only in the states for two weeks, then it’s back to helping others at her shelters in Tanzania.

For more information on Mama Lynn, or to volunteer/donate, visit the Light in Africa website here.