Sioux City council members voted unanimously to demolish the old Siouxland YMCA building on Nebraska Street downtown.

The building has been vacant since 2009 and was red-tagged by the city last winter because of safety concerns.

A developer had hoped to renovate the old structure but has been unable to generate the several million dollars in funding it would take to get the job done.

“I’m glad that they went forward with demolition because it is an unsafe structure and we have had a number of times where we’ve had to respond to the building being broken into vagrants get inside of the building and it is dangerous. There’s open stairways, open elevator shafts, as well as other hazards such as asbestos that’s airborne once there’s foot traffic in the building,” says Darrel Bullock, the code enforcement manager.  

Even with last night’s vote, demolition of the old YMCA is likely still a year away.

That demolition is expected to cost the city about $200,000.