STANTON, Neb. (KCAU) – Officials say that a former Norfolk man who evaded felony warrants out of several states was finally apprehended in Arkansas.  

According to a press release from the Stanton County Sheriff’s office, Kentrell Monroe 31, formerly of Norfolk, was arrested in a small town in Arkansas after being on the lam since early 2020.  

The release states that Monroe began evading officials in January 2019 after officials with Stanton County issued a search warrant for his residence in Woodland Park. Law enforcement found more than 1,500 ecstasy pills that were hidden behind a wall vent.  

Additionally, Monroe was set to appear in Madison County on felony drug charges, but he allegedly fled the area, authorities said.

Several fully extraditable warrants were issued for his arrest, and he was later arrested in Arizona. The release states that Arizona officials allowed him to post a substantial cash bond despite a hold being placed on him and he would end up fleeing again.  

Within a few weeks of failing to appear in the Arizona court as required, he was arrested again in Texas. The release states that “for unknown reasons,” Monroe was allowed to post bond and, once again, fled.  

After being stopped for speeding in Arkansas, Monroe was once again taken into custody, and holds have been placed on him. The release specified that Monroe was allegedly found to be in possession of nearly 40 pounds of methamphetamine during the traffic stop.  

Monroe will be extradited back to Nebraska after he takes care of the charges in Arkansas.