LE MARS, Iowa (KCAU) — A former Kingsley police chief has reached a plea agreement in his stalking case, court documents say.

According to court documents, James Dunn, 55, of Kingsley, Iowa was arrested on Feb. 15 for allegedly abusing his power to stalk his ex-girlfriend.

On Oct. 13, Dunn pleaded guilty to nine out of his 19 charges. He has six felony counts of unauthorized access to or dissemination of intelligence data and three serious misdemeanor counts of misconduct in office.

Dunn can face up to five years for each felony count and one year for each misdemeanor count.

Court documents also show that Dunn has to pay a 15% surcharge and there has been an issuance of a protective order or no contact order with the victims.

The former Kingsley police chief was the relationship between Dunn and his girlfriend ended in November 2022, and he soon learned of her new relationship in February of 2023. He was accused of using his privileges to get law enforcement data on a woman he was in a previous relationship with, her boyfriend, and the boyfriend’s roommate.

Documents continue to state that on Feb. 3 the woman asked Dunn not to contact her, her friends, or her family. Dunn allegedly ignored this request and taped a letter to the front door of her boyfriend’s residence.

Dunn was arrested on Feb. 15 for allegations of abusing his power to stalk his ex-girlfriend. He faced 19 charges of stalking, misconduct in office, and unauthorized access to criminal history and intelligence data.