It was only day one at the Orange City Tulip Festival, but by all accounts the May tradition is off to a great start.  Everything is coming up tulips.

Folks from Siouxland and beyond will visit Orange City over the next three days viewing the tulips and taking part in all the Dutch festivities.  It’s the 76th Annual Tulip Festival running Thursday through Saturday.

ABC9 is the place to be for coverage of the colorful event. Jenna Rehnstrom and Fred Hexom have all the coverage from Thursday.

The company that supplies orange city with all its beautiful tulips has something to celebrate this year.
Mulder’s Tulip Town Bulb Company turns 10 this year, but the business itself has been around for quite sometime.

Jim Korver was the founder and Brett and Nora Mulder bought it from the Vander Wels a decade ago.

The 50-60 different varieties of tulips Tulip Town provides all come right from the Netherlands. This year, their distributor is in Orange City.

Brett Mulder, owner, says,”The owners that had the business in their backyard, the Vander Wels, decided to retire and no one took over the business, so we decided to step up and keep tulips alive in Orange City.”

Piet Stuifbergen, Flower Bulb Exporter says, “Everything broke through when the Dutch embassy in Washington, D.C. decided to donate 30,000 orange tulips to every Dutch city and Orange City was one of them. And I was the one to make sure they got their bulbs.”

Tulip Town Bulb Company is on the corner of Arizona and 1st Street, and you can order tulips and have them delivered to you.

For years Fred Hexom had to stay away from pastries at the Tulip Festival, but this year that all changed as he founds something sweet I could safely eat with my peanut allergy.

Poffertjes are a little Dutch pancake and we found there are no nut-related allergens in the mix. They’re made and sold in the Little White Store and there’s always a line around the building to get them. They’re topped with rum butter and powdered sugar, but folks in Orange City are pretty secretive about what else is in the mix.

Volunteer Ann Minnick says, “We have a secret family recipe mix, I can’t tell you what’s in it because it’s classified. The power is mixed with eggs and oil and water, and the key is to get enough air in the mix so you get a nice consistency for the batter.”

Ann made sure Fred got out the door with poffertjes, and they’re his new favorite festival food!