SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) — A large housing project in South Sioux City continues to make strides toward completion.

Ho-Chunk’s Flatwater Crossing Development has several new single-family homes in addition to the apartments and townhomes on the riverfront. There are also plans to install a boat dock on the river for residents.

Ho-Chunk’s Community Manager Pat Wojcik told KCAU 9 that this development is a sign of the area’s future.

“I lived in South Sioux [City] my whole life and the Siouxland area. Who would have thought we were going to have this beautiful housing right next to the river?” Wojcik asked. “Siouxland is really growing and prospering into the future.”

Wojcik added that Flatwater Crossing is a major part of Ho-Chunk’s development in Siouxland, adding that the company wants to give back to the community through housing, business opportunities, employment, and more.

The development began construction in 2019, but the planning for the $8 million project started in 2014. An official end to the project has not been set.