(KCAU) – As coronavirus deaths hover around 1 million, flags will be lowered in honor of those who were lost.

The White House declared a proclamation that called for all flags to be flown at half-staff in remembrance of Americans who died from COVID-19.

“South Dakotans have courage,” said Governor Kristi Noem, “Our law enforcement officers show courage every day when they put the uniform on and go to work to keep us safe, despite the potential threats that they face. Sometimes, they don’t make it home, and we hold those men and women in our hearts and memories. During the pandemic, South Dakotans courageously focused on facts instead of giving in to fear – yet some of our family, friends, and neighbors lost their lives. We honor them and thank God that the worst days of COVID-19 are far behind us.”

Nebraska State flags, South Dakota State flags, and U.S. flags will be flown halfway up flag poles until sunset on May 16.