SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A local pre-Memorial Day tradition took place in Sioux City on Thursday.

For roughly the past six years, Siouxlanders have gathered at Memorial Park Cemetery to lay flags next to the graves of deceased veterans.

Some of the volunteers include members from the American Legion Post 697 and the Sioux City Scottish Rite. Everyone is welcome to assist with setting up the flags, however.

American Legion Post 697 Commander Rene Lapierre said that the entire community comes together to honor veterans every year.

“Our community raised funds to place all the flags out here at Memorial Park,” Lapierre said. “We raised over $5,000 to buy our own flags as a community to pay a tribute to veterans.”

Volunteers place the flags on the Thursday before Memorial Day every year and then return to the cemetery on the Tuesday after the holiday to pick up the flags so they can be reused the following year.