Firework safety tips as dry conditions continue in Siouxland

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Some people are getting ready for the Fourth of July weekend by getting their fireworks early. But even after some rain, Siouxland is still experiencing drought conditions, which mean lighting fireworks is more dangerous than in other years.

“Definitely when it’s dry conditions, now we need a water source available. I volunteer on a county fair board and we had some professionals that set fireworks off after a concert back in June and it actually lit the grass on fire,” said Mark Lettow, a fireworks customer.

“When you light the fuse, you got about ten seconds to step away and walk the other way. There’s some short fuses, there’s some long fuses. You know, the short fuses are going to be more dangerous. If there is a short fuse, make sure you step away faster than a long fuse. But when you light the fuse, make sure you don’t stand over, look down on it,” said Conner Groves, the manager of King Kong Fireworks.

The Sioux City Deputy Fire Marshall said the recent rain in Siouxland does not mean the area is out of drought conditions. In the month of June, the area received 1.31 inches of rain when the average rainfall for June is over 4 inches.

“There’s some areas that received substantial amount of rain, there’s other areas that have not received much at all. And so we are still considered in a drought period. We really want to remind people that once the fireworks have been discharged, that they need to take those containers and place them into a bucket of water,” said Ryan Collins, the Sioux City Deputy Fire Marshall.

Making sure the weekend festivities go on without issues.

“We actually have a bare dirt lot where we’re going to set ours off at. We’ll have a water source available and make sure we stay plenty far away from bystanders,” said Lettow.

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