SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A homeless encampment under a Sioux City train bridge went up in flames Thursday afternoon.

Police said they have previously issued warnings to squatters at the location.

The fire happened under the LG Everist Railroad bridge that crosses the Floyd River just north of the Gordon Drive bypass.

Fire Fighters on the scene were able to extinguish the flames quickly and reported no injuries.

The investigation is ongoing, but fire officials have said that they believe those staying under the bridge were packed up and about to leave the area when the flames grew out of control.

“Well, anytime the weather gets cold like it is now, we do have an issue with some of the population trying to find shelter, often times we look for diversion, for more of those humanitarian approaches,” said

Dutler said they typically see a decrease in criminal mischief among homeless people in the winter months, but accidental fires are common during this time.