Fire Marshal warns Siouxlanders not to leave items in cars during heatwave

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — During the summer heat, the inside of a car can be 10 degrees hotter than the outdoors, and that can cause damage to a variety of items inside.

Lt. Deputy Fire Marshal Scott Kovarna said while it doesn’t happen often, fires can start from simple household items, such as glasses or a water bottle.

“It has been documented where if it’s sitting on the dash just in the right location and the sun hits the right angle and reflects off that onto paper or something that can burn easily, it has been documented to starting fires that way,” Kovarna said.

Kovarna said plastic water bottles can also be dangerous because the heat can be a suitable environment for bacteria to develop if you open the bottle and leave it in the car.

Lighters can explode at high heats and various objects, such as medications and electronics, can also be damaged from the temperatures.

Siouxlander Hope Crowhurst learned first-hand just how much damage a hot car can do after she left a can of pop in there for a week.

“I went out to my car one afternoon to put stuff in it before we headed out for the afternoon and opened the passenger door,” Crowhurst said, “and there was Pepsi all over my passenger seat, the windshield, the ceiling, both side windows. It was awful.”

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