DES MOINES, Iowa — Universal Television announced it would be filming a TV series adaptation of the Iowa movie “Field of Dreams”  in Iowa this summer.

A news release from Universal said the production would make use of local suppliers, and vendors including construction, catering, transportation, and set decoration.

The finished product will stream on the NBC-owned Peacock.

“It’s an exciting time for us here in Iowa you know it’s an original Iowa story of the idea, it came a book and then a screenplay and the movie, and now it’s like sports Empire up in northeast Iowa,” said Liz Gilman, Director of the Iowa Film Office. “So it’s a story that keeps on going and universal owns the intellectual property of the story, Field of Dreams so they wanted to come and look back and see what other aspects of the story that they could kind of you mine,” Gilman added.

The production will occur in various counties in July including Polk, Mahaska, Clinton, and Boone. The Renovo Media Group of Clear Lake will support the production with technical equipment.

“At some point, we will announce where are the next ‘Field of Dreams’ will be but we’re not prepared to tell you that at this point but it will be on the greater Des Moines area,” said Gilman. 

“The creative team behind this limited series cares deeply about the legacy of ‘Field of Dreams,’ and we felt we simply couldn’t make it without shooting in Iowa,” said executive producers Michael Schur and Morgan Sackett, “You can’t think of the movie without thinking of the state – and vice versa. We’re thrilled to have the corporation Produce Iowa and many local businesses, who will help us bring the series to life.” 

In order to be able to hire enough local help, NBC will sponsor a two-day boot camp for production assistants.

To sign up for the boot camp click here

You must be available all day June 4th and 5th.