SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The FBI reports more violent crime is happening at homes in all 3 Siouxland states.

Over the last year, the FBI’s national incident-based reporting system shows that the biggest numbers are here in Iowa, where almost 7,500 violent crime incidents happened in 2022. Nearly 49 hundred of those cases happened at a residence.

In more than 3 thousand incidents, the victims were a boyfriend/girlfriend or acquaintance.

In South Dakota, more than 3 thousand of those violent crimes were reported last year. More than 1,800 happened in the home and in almost 1,200 incidents, significant others or acquaintances were the victims.

Nebraska reported just more than 2,500 violent crimes last year. More than 1,700 occurred at a residence with more than 850 of them, the victim was a significant other or acquaintance.