Farmers working fast to harvest before first potential snow of season

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Area farmers are hoping their crops will survive snow that is forecast for tonight into tomorrow.

KCAU 9 spoke with Iowa State Extension specialist Joel DeJong Wednesday, and he says an early frost often helps with the drying process in beans, but snow could be damaging, breaking the bean pods off the plants.

DeJong added that some corn is at risk as well, especially if temperatures fall far enough for a long enough period of time.

DeJong says even though farmers still have plenty of time to worry about the corn harvest, some fields will be in jeopardy if freezing weather hits Siouxland.

“If we have a frost cold enough, 28 degrees for 4 hours or more or colder that will shutdown those plants and put an end to them. If they are not mature yet it will cost them yield. We have some fields that are, still ten days to two weeks from when they would be mature,” said Joel DeJong of Iowa State Extension.

Farmers could see a 10 to 15% yield loss in fields where the corn is not yet mature according to DeJong.

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