Farmers able to store grain after Royal elevator explosion

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ROYAL, Iowa (KCAU) – Some Siouxland farmers are breathing a sigh of relief after a grain elevator that exploded in August is up and running again.

Farmers told KCAU last month the biggest concern was storage space. If they couldn’t store their grains at AG Partners in Royal, Iowa, it would not only cost them money but would delay their harvest.

One month later, AG Partners is accepting grain again.

“I’ve only got storage for maybe half of my corn and none of the beans, so them being open, being able to take things is a big relief for me and a lot of farmers around here,” said farmer Craig Manning.

Manning was the first farmer to store corn since the explosion.

“A lot of corn would have to get dumped on the ground and stored until after harvest or maybe next spring and then they got to reload it again and go that way. So, that affects a lot of people that they’re going to be able to take beans, especially already, and corn,” Manning added.

Farmer Steven Steinbeck said less elevator space to store his grain would cost him.

“It means you have to haul it further and that costs more money and time-consuming. So, this will help us a lot because we’re close, we’re like three miles away,” Steinbeck added.

Steinbeck said being able to store his grain at AG Partners will put him right on schedule for harvest season.

“At that time we were worried we wouldn’t have no storage room but now that they got it going. I’m feeling great because this will help us get the grain local for us faster,” Steinbeck said.

“There were some doom and gloomers out there thought they’ll never take any of this and a lot of us said just give them some time. They have a plan or you find a plan B, plan C, things like that and they have,” Manning said.

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