ARMSTRONG, Iowa (KCAU) — Two tractor-trailers caused damage to a railroad bridge near Armstrong the bridge, and the road beneath it had to be temporarily closed for repairs.

According to the Emmet County Sheriff’s Office, the train bridge west of Armstrong on Highway 9 was struck twice in four days resulting in damage to the bridge’s structure.

“The sheriff’s office would like to remind equipment operators to be conscious of roadway markings and clearances when moving large equipment upon the roadways to avoid damage to property adjacent to the roadway, equipment and possible injuries,” the Emmet County Sherrif’s office said in a Facebook post.

First on April 24, semitrailer hauling a a John Deere Field cultivator got stuck beneath the bridge which caused crews to work for 11 hours to free the piece of equipment and for Union Pacific to repair the damage to the damage to the bridge. Structural damage was done to the bridge as a result of the accident which required repair from the Union Pacific Railroad. The bridge was able to be reponed after the work was completed.

A few days later on April 28, another tractor, this time pulling a Case/International Field Cultivator, was stuck under the same bridge. It took four hours to free the cultivator but the road has not reopened to traffic due to the structural issues with the bridge. Work needs to be completed on the bridge before it is safe for cars to travel under the bridge.

According to the Facebook post, crews from Union Pacific Railroad started to work on the project on Wednesday morning, closing Highway 9, but it was reopened later in the day.

Both accidents are under investigation by the Emmet County Sheriff’s Office. The office received help from Emmet County Emergency Management and the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Union Pacific Railroad.