Storm Lake, IA (ABC9 News)- Normally Steve Williams would be on a tractor or in a combine come harvest season. But this year he oversaw his farm’s harvest from inside a van. Williams is now immobile from the waist down after a car accident in early August. The seriousness of the crash also left him worried how he’d handle the harvest season at all.

“When I came to I was concerned but right away, right away, a number of individuals volunteered and said ‘we know you’re going to need help just let us know when,'” Williams remembers.

Despite it being the busy time of year for the entire farming community, they all stopped what they were doing to help Steve. And for his friends and neighbors, it was a no brainer.

“When Steve had his accident and it put him in a position where he needed some help, I don’t think there was a decision, everybody just knew that they were going to go and help,” said long time friend Rust Corderman.

Monday morning Steve’s field was filled with heavy equipment ready to work and it only took 5 hours for 50 people with 10 combines and more than a dozen semi’s to harvest 300 acres of Steve’s corn.

“It’s just one of the great parts of living in a small community your whole life and it’s just overwhelming. There’s just really know way to describe the feeling there is with all these people come out to help,” said Steve’s son Brian Williams.

As overwhelming and emotional as it’s been for the entire family since Steve’s accident, the family had one message for all those in the fields Monday, and those who offered to help but weren’t needed.

“Thank you doesn’t really cover it, but really thank you. It seems like a pretty feeble thing to say at a time like this but thank you. You just can’t believe how much this means to us,” Steve added.