A fire that caused a family’s house to burn right before Thanksgiving is starting to piece their lives back together. 
The Palmersheim family says having one another helps throughout the rebuilding process, but one of the toughest things that they have had to deal with so far is the loss of their beloved dog Joey. 
“You wake up one day and everything’s changed, your whole life,” said Mike Palmersheim.
The Palmersheim family is grateful to be alive, but their lives have completely taken an unexpected turn during what’s supposed to be a time filled with love, laughter and holiday cheer. 
The day before Thanksgiving, their house caught on fire. 
The damage has been detrimental, but they say nothing is worse than losing a pet that you considered a furry family member. 
“You know, you come by here and expect to see him looking out of the window and it’s been rough…but the kids don’t remember life without him and it’s been hard,” said Stephanie Palmersheim. 
Stephanie and her family are now living in a relative’s home for the time being until they can get back on their feet.  
“Still living out of boxes pretty much, like living out of suitcases. We’ve got piles here and there just sorting through everything day by day,” said Mike Palmersheim. 
A Go Fund Me page has been created to help the Palmersheims during this trying time.
They say the money and support that they’ve received is helpful.  
“We’re greeting some support from family friends that don’t live in the area and it all helps, everything helps,” said Mike Palmersheim. 
A link to the family’s Go Fund Me account can be found here