ROYAL, Iowa (KCAU) – A small Siouxland community is breathing a sigh of relief after a grain elevator exploded there.

The explosion left a gaping hole in a concrete storage silo at the AG Partners facility in Royal, Iowa.

Surveillance video shot from several blocks away shows a fire ball billowed high above the facility.

Witnesses that spoke with KCAU 9 said the entire town shook when the explosion happened.

Clay County Sheriff Chris Raveling said the silo was used to store corn and beans, but was mostly empty when the blast hit. He said about a dozen people living near the elevator were evacuated until inspectors were able to give the all clear.

Nobody was inside at the time of the blast and no one was injured.

“We haven’t gotten that close to be able to look at the elevator, We’re just worried about a collapse, so you don’t want to get to close. And so that’s why we have an engineer that knows elevators that going to come in and take a look at it. [Be]cause obviously, we don’t want the elevator to collapse, and we got personel around it so we’re going to wait to get him in here and have him take a look at it,” Raveling said.

Five fire departments were on scene for several hours making sure no additional flare ups happened.

Investigators will be back at the Ag Partners facility Wednesday.