HAWARDEN, Iowa (KCAU) — Central Cafe in Hawarden burned down the day after Christmas, but less than a month later, the owner is serving breakfast again.

Owner Jen McVay is providing breakfast at the Rooster’s Midwest Steakhouse until her cafe can be rebuilt. Dozens of people came to eat on Tuesday for breakfast and McVay said the compassion warms her heart.

“You can see their support, the financial support and the moral support,” McVay said. “You have the prayers of the communities.”

Mary Johnson has eaten at the cafe for over 70 years. She said it’s an important place for people to gather together.

“Been waiting for it to happen so we can meet our friends again and find out what’s going on in the community,” Johnson said.

Hawarden resident Larry Gregg said the community has created several fundraisers to help speed up the cafe’s recovery.

“That’s what Hawarden does,” Gregg said. “We get together when somebody’s in need and this was such a devastating loss to the whole community.”

The cafe will offer breakfast at the steakhouse Monday-Saturday. McVay said she is working toward finding a contractor to give her an estimate and time frame for when the building will be fixed. Until then, McVay said she’s just happy to work again.