Estherville Golf Course warns businesses about yardage cards scam

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ESTHERVILLE, Iowa (KCAU) – The Estherville Golf Course is warning other businesses in the area about a scam.

Lesli Iverson, a co-owner of the golf course, told KCAU 9 that an individual called them about yardage cards sometime last week. The person told Iverson and her husband that the cards would be free and they were going to send them out for people to take them on the course. Both of them agreed to the deal.

Iverson said another business in Estherville later reached out to them and said somebody was calling them and wanted to put money on the yardage cards by asking for their credit card.

The golf course said that they didn’t allow that to happen as part of the deal. Iverson called and emailed the individual, but they said they’re not authorized to cancel. When her husband tried to call them, they either blocked his number or couldn’t get ahold of them.

Iverson said this individual had contacted at least six businesses, and they all have said no, but she expects a lot more businesses to receive the scam calls.

The golf course hasn’t been affected by this, but they don’t want people to get scammed out of money. She mentioned that they haven’t been contacted about the fraud since putting up a post on Facebook.

Iverson mentions one way for other businesses to stay safe from a scam is that whenever someone says something is free, it’s never free.

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