IOWA (KCAU) — The Iowa House has passed a moratorium on the Iowa Utilities Board scheduling of eminent domain hearings for carbon-capture pipelines.

The bill would not change rules regarding the use of eminent domain but rather provide 11 months for negotiations between landowners and companies.

One landowner who has been opposed to the pipelines said the bill doesn’t do enough to help landowners.

“It doesn’t put a stop on the process, the work that’s going on. The interruptions for your day, the calls you’re getting, the interruptions in your work, the looking into your field and seeing strangers out there and wondering what’s going on, that type of thing. That won’t stop,” landowner Deb Main said.

For now, the Iowa Utilities Board has selected Fort Dodge as the site for Summit Carbon Solutions’ permit hearing, one of three companies with pipeline proposals in Iowa.

If a permit is approved, Summit would be allowed to use eminent domain.

“That will be a hearing so that all sides can present their case. So they won’t decide at the hearing, whether to grant the permit or not. Then they have time after the hearing to either grant the permit or deny the permit,” Main said.

The eminent domain bill is currently stuck in the Iowa Senate and if approved, the IUB wouldn’t be able to hold a hearing until February of next year.