SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – It’s a challenging goal to face but the non- profit
E.R.A.S.E race believes it’s one worth fighting for. On Sunday a man on a mission continued his journey for equality stopping in Sioux City as he traveled around the US sharing his message.

Texas activist, Carlen Charleston has created a non-profit organization to help end racism in the US. He’s now traveling across the country to spread his message KCAU caught up with him in Iowa on why he believes unity is the answer.

“If we can get rid of this concept of race then we can stop a lot of those harmful things that people have experienced in their lives. Because everybody has got a story about some harmful effects of this thing called race in the form of racism,” said Charleston.

Inspired by a mission to end discrimination and racism in our country, Carlen Charleston left his career as a marine and educator to travel the country, sharing his goal for America.

“I realized that we are on a very bad road here in the country and we have got to do something to offset that. I think unity is the answer I think coming together and beginning to respect people and view people differently that is something that we have got to do,” said Charleston.

Charleston created his non-profit E.R.A.S.E race in hopes of reaching people from all different backgrounds, engaging in open dialog and giving back to each city he stops at.

“I was trying to get him to understand that he and I working together we could have a better view than any politician we could have a united view and we could actually solve the problem,” said Charleston.

The organization does not identify with any party, race, or affiliation. They serving one goal, to create unity everywhere they go.

“We have got to be concerned about everyone and I think this is the way to do that for us to come together and realize we all have a stake in this and your opinion is just as valuable as mine lets come up with a solution together,” said Charleston.

By the end of Charlestons travels he will have visited 100 cities by December. His next stop will be in Sioux Falls on Monday.