Dunes residents pack up and plug up as flood waters near

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The community of Dakota Dunes, S.D. is once again preparing for flooding along the Missouri River. “We’ve got sandbags here, extra personal, some are taking precautionary steps, some have voluntarily left their homes,” said South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.  The governor meeting with city leaders and Dakota Dunes residents like Don Lantis who are once again fighting to protect their homes. 
“We are building a dike around our house, just as a precaution, it’s only like about a five-foot dike. The flood before was like a 20-foot dike,” said Lantis.
The precautionary wall comes with a big price tag. “The dirt alone is probably 25,000.
It’s going to be a lot probably, but there’s nothing I can do about it, I don’t want to lose the house,” added Lantis. The longtime Dunes resident says it’s money well spent to prevent the headache and even larger expense of dealing with the damage he saw in 2011.  “That was like 50 some thousand dollars so it costs a lot to fix up after a flood,” said Lanits.

“It was just about touching the ceiling,” says homeowner Jason Dickens.  He and other homeowners at Riverland Estates in North Sioux City know those costs all too well.  He says, “Its been completely gutted and remodeled since 2011. Many people are worried they could soon see similar destruction.
“Most of the people who dealt with this last time, they’re just trying to get their stuff out now in preparation of what’s going to happen,” said Dickens.

Some people spend the day moving their belongings to higher ground.  Others packing up trailers to move out of the flood zone.  It’s a quick turnaround to be dealing with this major threat again so soon
But its a fight many say they’re willing to make for their community.
“The Dunes is a nice place and the people are really great,” added Lantis.

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