Drum & Bugle Corp beating the heat before competition

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The DCI Mandarin Drum & Bugle Corp is in town this week for a competition being held Tuesday at Morningside college.  

The national competition is pitting the best of the best against each other, and this is just one stop of many that the group will make throughout the summer. 

The members of the group are 21 and younger, with most wanting to pursue this as a career down the line. 

Conditions can be hard at times for the members of the Corp, especially under near triple digit heat index values, but motivation runs rampant among them, “We a lot of the times put water under our hats to keep our heads cool.  We just do our best to stay in the shade, take breaks when we have them, lunch and dinners and stuff and meals, and just keep an overall positive attitude.  That’s what helps us get through it, because we are all going through it together,” said Emma Boone, Corp member. 

On top of dealing with the heat, the group travels on a tour bus, with two semi trucks that follow, filled to the brim with equipment, and a food truck also.  

Being outside all day can cause a toll on the human body, and the diets of the kids are kept to a premium, to make sure they have enough energy to get through the day, but also making sure it is healthy food that will keep them in peak physical condition. 

One member reported losing 35 pounds over the summer of 2017 after going on the same trip.  

To see the performance, the DCI Mandarin Drum & Bugle Corp will be up against three other teams Tuesday night at Morningside College. 

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