SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Siouxlanders looking to get rid of unwanted or remaining prescription drugs have the opportunity to do so later this month.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is hosting the 24th National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, April 22. This day provides an opportunity for residents to safely dispose of prescription drugs at six different locations in the Sioux City area, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Local collection sites include Drilling Pharmacy, the Walgreens on Pierce Street, the Walmart on Floyd Boulevard, the Riverside Fareway, the Dakota County LEC, and the South Sioux City Hy-Vee.

The event is anonymous, with the emphasis being on preventing unwanted substances from ending up on the street or potentially being used by someone, other than the person intended to take them.

According to the DEA, National Drug Take Back Day has helped Americans easily rid their home of unneeded medications – those that are old, unwanted or expired – that too often become a gateway to addiction.

DEA Omaha Division Special Agent in Charge Justin C. King stated, “We’re encouraging families to look through their medicine cabinets and remove the temptation for experimentation that can come when others know you’re holding onto a medication.”

Items such as syringes, sharp items and illicit drugs will not be accepted. Liquid products, such as cough syrup, should remain tightly sealed in their original container to prevent leakage.

For more information, and to find the nearest collection site, visit