The Indianapolis 500 is set for Sunday, and Friday was the last day for drivers to practice. 

Fans are enjoying not just cars but carbs! Today is known as carb day, and while fans enjoy plenty of food and beer, it’s not short for carbohydrates.

The sound of 200 plus miles per hour can be hear in Indianapolis in May. 

A sound the fans can’t get enough of. 

One fan describes what it mean, saying, “I mean, you have people from all over come to enjoy one single thing and that’s watching these cars go around.”

For the fans it’s a chance to catch the sun, see a sneak peak of the 500, and party. 

As for the drivers, it’s the day to work out the kinks to make sure the car is as fast as possible. 

Track historian Donald Davidson says it’s called carb day because teams used to to test out a device in their engine called a carburetor. 

“Carburetors went away… Right around 49, 50 fuel injection came in.” said Davidson.

The name stuck, and today teams even get a chance to show off how quickly they can work in a pit stop challenge. 

The fans are showing off too with their fashion choices. 

You can watch the Indy 500 right on KCAU 9. The 500 festival parade will be on Saturday starting at 11:00 a.m. and then the race will be on Sunday with coverage starting at 10:00 a.m.